Work On Local Issues

As a Councillor and a TD Paul Gogarty can point to an excellent track record of local work in Brittas, Clondalkin, Lucan, Newcastle, Palmerstown, Rathcoole and Saggart. Most recently he kept people in many towns in the County up to date about the Development Plan process and did a number of joint information leaflets with Independent colleagues Francis Timmons, Liona O’Toole and Guss O’Connell. Francis and Paul were the only candidates to carry out this level of consultation, which was deemed necessary given that the Council’s consultation process is usually confined to the web and newspapers.

Paul has worked with residents associations and individual residents on thousands of local issues from issues in the community to private matters involving health, housing, education etc.

Paul has a track record second to none for 25 years on planning issues, throughout Dublin Mid West, standing up for our communities on dodgy rezonings, helping to get additional facilities alongside housing. At Council level along with others he has prioritised funding for housing and homelessness, but this process has been hampered by national government policy.

Paul has raised local health issues through his membership of the HSE Mid Leinster Regional Health Forum and in particular in relation to Cherry Orchard Hospital and Crooksling Nursing Home.

As member of the Joint Policing Committee Paul has been raising issues of public safety and community cohesion.

Paul has a fantastic track record on education nationally but has also been responsive to schools locally. He is not claiming credit for “delivering” any project but has worked alongside parents, staff and other elected reps to push for much needed new school facilities in throughout the constituency, as well as school extensions over the years.

Paul has pushed with colleagues for years to tackle the need for a grade separated underpass at Palmerstown R148/Kennelsfort Road junction and an objective was inserted into the Draft Development Plan. The Development Plan process is currently underway and Paul is involved in the process, even during the election campaign.

Has been proactive on many other Palmerstown issues, some of them ongoing and persistent including the planning of the Vincent Byrne site, the Silver Bridge, Waterstown Park, Glenaulin Park, Kennelsfort Road HGV traffic, and break-ins.

Paul worked alongside the “Deliver it Right” campaign to ensure that Adamstown would be developed in a sustainable way with proper facilities and infrastructure provided alongside housing through a phasing process. Paul played an integral role in identifying and providing new school sites on the lands and is directly responsible for one extra school being in the plan. Most recently he was the only elected rep to appeal the revised Adamstown Plan and has done more than any other candidate running in the election  to work for a ensure a sports and community hall for the benefit of both Adamstown Community College and residents and also to help kick start the housing construction process again.

Paul spent more time and did a more detailed submission on the Rathcoole Incinerator appeal than any other elected rep, supporting local groups such as RAID.

Highlighted many traffic safety issues including on M50/N7/N4 and in and out of estates and in vicinity of schools

Pushing for funding for playgrounds and sports facilities.

Pushing for measures to tackle anti-social behaviour and crime (Paul successfully fought for a mountain bike Garda units in the constituency)

Made detailed submissions on the planning of the Clonburris land between Clondalkin/Lucan

Pushing for derelict industrial sites to be used as job creation incubator hubs and temporary sports/arts/community facilities.

Highlighting issues around mental health and suicide awareness issues at local level as well as at national level

Several times was instrumental in stopping housing development on the scenic Liffey Valley amenity.

No candidate has done more work on the issue of a swimming pool for Lucan

 Paul worked hard to oppose the proposed incinerator in Rathcoole in 2008.

 Paul lodged submission in relation to proposed developments on the SIAC site in Clondalkin.

He raised issues regarding health and safety with pylons and masts in the Ronanstown area and elsewhere and tabled Dáil questions.

 He highlighted impact of North Clondalkin community sector cuts in the Dáil and called for their reversal.

Raised the issue of illegal waste disposal in the Newcastle/Rathcoole/Saggart and Brittas areas.