There are less than six months left until a general election is called, approximately 45 Dáil sitting days. Paul will hit the ground running and focus on the following areas:

Climate: Keep the climate crisis at the top of the agenda and push Government for more action to protect our environment and build a cleaner, greener, energy self-sufficient country.

Water: Hold the Government and Irish Water to account over the poor quality and supply of our water services. Seek changes in this area including a referendum.

Transport: Seek measures to tackle gridlock and provide meaningful public transport, cycling and walking options.

Job creation: To examine new ways of creating jobs, especially indigenous. To help develop entrepreneurship and innovation. To invest targeted capital resources to help incubate and develop new and sustainable business ideas.

Public spending:To promote efficient spending of taxpayer’s money by all public bodies. Housing: Identify ways to tackle homelessness and improve housing provision for those who can’t afford a mortgage, or current high rents, in a socially inclusive way.

Public safety: To push for real action on antisocial behaviour and random street attacks. Crime: To work towards making our streets and homes safer by pushing for changes in legislation and resourcing that punish real criminals, offer alternatives for petty crime and tackle the causes of crime. To push for a Garda IT system fit for purpose.

Education: To continue the previous focus on school provision/expansion and investment in our education system and early years childcare.

Sport and the Arts: To continue to be an advocate for investment in sports, community and arts facilities.

Insurance: To explore ways to reduce our “compo culture” and bring insurance costs down for residents and businesses.

Health: To work with experts to improve the health of the nation, through prevention, targeted investment and applying international best practice to help create a healthcare system fit for purpose.

Young people: To consult with and respond to the specific needs of our younger people, especially in areas such as education, jobs, sport and mental health.

Older people: To focus on the specific needs of the elderly in our community.

Equality: To be an advocate for inclusion and equality in all areas, eg age/gender/sexual orientation, physical or mental ability, religious, ethnic or social background.

Mental health: To support and explore initiatives at national and local level to promote positive mental health and suicide/self-harm prevention in our communities.

Immigration: To work towards a robust, but humane immigration and asylum policy that cares for those that need it, processes applications faster, ends direct provision, keeps families together and balances rights with responsibilities.