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Adamstown Primary Care Centre

This update 16th May 2024.

As this long-awaited project appears to be finally progressing, I have created a new rolling update to inform residents of Adamstown and the wider Lucan Area. This will be updated every couple of months from now on and will also be referenced in my Adamstown Area updates.

CGI of refurbished build


Where is this located?

No. 1 Adamstown Boulevard, opposite the Crossings

When will refurbishment works begin?

A Primary Care Centre is an integral part of the SDZ planning scheme for Adamstown. The above site has been earmarked as a likely location for several years now. Discussions have been ongoing with the HSE, and works are likely to commence on site by late summer 2024.

The developer will contact nearby residents (with the proposed contractor) closer to the time about construction works. This has not been done yet as there is a tender process underway.

It is anticipated the construction programme will be 12-18 months. The various departments from the HSE have been out to inspect the property with active dialogue between them and Quintain.

Proposed internal reception area

Need for full range of services

As there is still a significant lead time before occupation, I will be pressing the HSE to provide more clarity about what services will be provided at the site and also pushing for the maximum facilities.

There remains a deficit of GP services in Adamstown, a lack of public health nurses, here and throughout Lucan, as well as a need for other medical provision. It's already been clarified that there will be no on-site provision for the Ukrainian community moving into the modular homes shortly, so the HSE needs to step up and allocate resources even in advance of this building being completed. I will continue to push through whatever means possible and update regularly.



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