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Airlie Park Update July 2023

August is the latest opening date given for Airlie Park. See below. NB - Other Adamstown Updates will issue shortly.

I posted before in my Adamstown updates about the delays to the opening of the park, when the cricket and all-weather pitches are complete. In April we were told that aside from the pavilion, which still has some works pending, the park area was almost ready to go. However soil remediation is an issue and some areas that were planted during the winter did not take as expected. As a result further planting works had to be carried out. The prediction was that this would be completed between May and July, but at today's meeting we were told that this has gone more slowly than expected. As a result the park is not now earmarked to be open until August.

Booking of pitches is being done through a central system, with some slots available on a casual basis. But for matches and training for established clubs, this has to be applied for online each year.


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