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Bus Shelters and 'Children at Play" Signs suggestions needed

NB open until 11pm Thursday 2nd of May only

Bus stop funding

The Council has received NTA funding for 2024 to upgrade Bus Stops and install covered Bus shelters at agreed existing Bus stop locations in the South Dublin Local Authority area.


The relevant note from the NTA on this funding allocation is as follows:


Bus Stop Enhancement Programme: An allocation is being provided in respect of a “Bus Stop Enhancement Programme”, which is intended to allow the upgrade of bus stops in various locations across the county, including the installation of bus poles and hardstanding areas, plus bus shelters in agreed locations. It is important that a programme of bus stop locations and associated works are agreed with the NTA in advance of any construction commencing under this programme. In agreed locations, the NTA’s contractor will continue to install bus shelters subject to the advance completion of the necessary groundworks.”


Councillors are invited to propose sites to be examined for suitability for the upgrading the hardstanding areas and/or installing Bus Shelters in various areas.


"It is important that all works are located in Public Realm areas that are in the charge of SDCC. 

Where Bus Shelters are sought, it is also important that sufficient width of footpath or footpath and verge is available in order to site the Bus shelter and have enough footpath width remaining for wheelchairs to pass unobstructed on the footpath. 

"This minimum overall width is 2.0m shelter width + 1.8m clear footpath.  Therefore a minimum of 3.8m clear width to allow the installation of the bus shelter."


Residents are asked to return suggested sites with either the Bus Stop number (available on Google maps) or a location picture and short description of where it is to aid proper identification.

I will suggest several areas that get the most requests.


Children at play signs

SDCC does not normally install these signs but has facilitated residents associations putting them in at various locations. However in response to demand for Children at Play signs to be installed in housing estates, SDCC is planning a small pilot scheme of installing 12 children at play signs throughout the SDCC Local authority area in 2024.  This means a total of three sites per EA will be chosen in the first instance.

The locations with most requests will be chosen to be delivered in 2024.


An example of the proposed sign to be installed at the agreed locations is attached below:


Please send a photograph of the locations and a short description to aid identification by the evening of Thursday 2nd May.

NB - Because there are such a small amount of areas, I will suggest the most popular ones only.



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