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Delays in responding due to backlog and family bereavement

Updated: Jul 5

Priority list:

  1. Time-based updates or submissions

  2. Scheduled Council meetings

  3. Short responses to constituents

  4. Queries that can be submitted quickly

  5. Meetings outside advertised public access

  6. More complex replies that take time to put together

Dear all,

I had tried to keep on top of queries prior to the local elections. I largely succeeded in this, however there were a number of responses that needed time scheduled which had not been addressed.

More issues were brought to my attention immediately after the election count on June 9th, but I was then sick for the first week. By mid June I had started to make inroads again when a family member who had been ill for some time deteriorated and my time was spent with her and other members of the family. She sadly passed away during the week and her funeral will take place in the coming days.

I'm not in a position to explain this individually to everyone who gets in touch so I've created this link to outline the situation.

What is most effected are queries that involve a response or explanation of more than a few paragraphs and/or need research where I need to sit down at a computer rather than use my phone. For all of the above reasons I have had less time to do this in recent weeks and have concentrated where I can on issues that can be responded to quickly on my phone.

Apologies to those who have got in touch some time back as it has not been possible for the above reasons to deal with items in any chronological order.

Thanks for your understanding and I hope to get back to the levels of service you are used to in the coming weeks.

Kind regards,



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