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'Esker Lawn' Crematorium Plan

This update 16th December: See plan here including all submissions made by the deadline of Monday 11th December:

See my detailed submission here including graphics in colour:

Cllr Paul Gogarty Crematorium Submission
Download PDF • 7.55MB

Update 30th November

Residents of Lucan and Palmerstown have generally welcomed the establishment of a private cemetery opposite Cherbury Park in Lucan, given South Dublin County Council's reluctance to purchase the land adjacent to Esker Cemetery some years back. This is called Esker Lawn Cemetery ( and was granted permission some years ago. Some concerns were raised about construction traffic and conditions, but on the whole its operation has not been raising too many issues for local residents.

However the application to place a crematorium at this location has caused a lot more upset. Even with the proposed crematorium being of the "electric" variety there are still huge concerns in relation to emissions adjacent to people's homes in Cherbury Park and Esker Lawns. And there is a major issue relating to induced traffic from all over the Greater Dublin area given that interest in cremation is growing and there is a strong likelihood that people will travel here from a much bigger catchment area than with a traditional cemetery.

These concerns and others are being put into submissions by individuals and representative bodies. I am also making a submission on a number of grounds as this congested site down a cul de sac where hundreds of children attend local schools and where a major cycleway is planned is not the ideal location for such a venture.

We will see what SDCC planners think in the coming months. I will post updates as further information becomes available.


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