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Palmerstown Update April-June 2024

This update 6th June. Previous updates 31st May and 2nd April

Palmerstown Festival - Sharing FYI


"No right turn" road bollards upgraded at Palmers Gate apartments

I met quite a few residents who told me they narrowly missed these barriers when they were all the small black and white ones jutting out of the road. Some went over them unexpectedly and got a jolt. I had tabled this as a headed item at the last available traffic management meeting agenda and it was great to see that they have since been upgraded.


Have your say on the Bus Service —

What is your view on the Bus Connects rollout since the 18 was terminated? Do you want the 26 to stop going to Bachelors Walk the city centre when it turns into the 80? How many buses have not turned up or passed you by full?

My “Bus Correct” bus user survey has now been completed by over 1,600 bus users in west Dublin over the last five months. That’s an incredible response, but I still need more replies, especially from Palmerstown, to have meaningful data, as the NTA is accountable to no-one and successive Governments and Ministers for Transport have been happy to farm things out without any scrutiny.

Log on to on any phone, tablet or computer to do this survey which will take approximately 7 minutes. It is open to bus users of all ages and no personally identifiable data is collected. If you are not computer literate then text me or leave a message (phone twice to get through to voicemail) and we can arrange to fill in the survey over the phone.



Parking management in village


I’ve had complaints about inadequate parking spaces in the village since the new apartments were completed and of on-street residential parking spaces being further reduced due to the parking of commercial vehicles on the south side of the main road. Further spaces are due to go on Kennelsfort Road Lower for a cycleway depending on An Bord Pleanála’s decision, as well as the works on the Old Lucan Road. I welcome safer cycle access and better public transport but the demographic using the village also needs sufficient parking spaces.

I had a motion on this at last month’s  Area Committee meeting. SDCC is to review and maximise parking  on both sides of the stretch nearest the Coach House. However it is not planning additional parking to compensate for additional residents, nor is it going to compensate for lost parking in the future. This issue will likely have to be revisited to get the balance right..


Response awaited from Department on Direct Provision plans


Anyone who has seen my rolling website update on this issue will know that the owner of the old Skate Park industrial buildings in Cherry Orchard applied to South Dublin County Council for a planning exemption declaration for a temporary “international protection” centre at this location, which was     previously approved for 127 apartments.

The Council has since clarified that the proposal is indeed exempt under emergency legislation, so the owners are free to proceed without a planning application. What is of concern here is the fact that the Department of Children, Equality , Disability, Integration and Youth (DCEDIY) was aware of these plans since last July. On foot of this I had a motion passed at the February Area Committee to write to the DCEDIY seeking a briefing on the plans with local elected representatives, pending a wider meeting with local stakeholders such as the Community Council. Palmerstown is a welcoming community, but full communication is needed along with discussions around resourcing and capacity. Cllr Guss O’Connell and I continue to chase up. See updates at here: .



Oak Court and Glenaulin Green concerns over green space and school expansion

I was delighted to be able to attend last Thursday's meeting (30th May) in St Lorcan's NS where I reiterated that any plans to take over part of the green space in Oak Court would be opposed, unless the vast majority of residents change their minds about the proposal. The school are entitled to put forward ideas and any application within the curtilage of the school will be looked at in the context of community need, traffic impact etc. However any site disposal proposal to take over additional land on the estate green space will not get my support as long as residents are opposed. They are the ones who have to deal with any impact on a daily basis.

I will add here that although my outgoing colleague Cllr Guss O'Connell is on the Board of Management of Pobalscoil, he assured me that had the issue come to a vote during his term as a Councillor he would also have voted against taking the green away without the full support of local residents, irrespective of the merits of the proposal.


Other items of interest

A reminder to owners of vehicles over 3 tonnes that these are not permitted to park in housing estates. An Garda Síochána has clarified that they will take action if necessary and signage is being installed at key entrances, including the junction of Woodfarm Acres and Kennelsfort Road…  I have queried safety issues relating to the tightened turn onto Turret Road from Wheatfield Road…. Have another question scheduled on Silver (Farmleigh) Bridge to keep pressure up on SDCC side… There remain some parking and other issues in the otherwise welcome  “school safety zone” around The Oval which I am following up (details of scheme here: Tabled motion seeking the planting of memorial oak trees at suitable location in Palmerstown similar to an initiative in Malahide in Fingal… Road surfacing funds this year are allocated for Culmore Park, Oakcourt, Kennelsfort Road Upper, Cloverhill Road. Footpath repair funding is earmarked for Oakcourt, Glenaulin Green and Woodfarm.. I’m also seeking a safe crossing area between footpaths on the Cloverhill Road from Whitethorn towards Palmerstown Woods as this is not safe for wheelchair users/buggies.



News from Cllr Guss O’Connell on Laneways and Traffic


“Sincere thanks to all those who engaged with my survey and subsequent clinics on the Laneways. I have engaged with other Councillors and with Council Management on how best to proceed. I organised a remote session to which I invited Councillors from our Local Area Committee. We have debated it at Council meetings and listened to proposals made by Management. It’s still very much a work in progress.

“Of course this is one element of the traffic situation in Palmerstown and we need to take an over view that includes HGVs and the lack of  enforcement of what is an inadequate restriction. I am open to all views and ideas — please get in touch if you have any ideas or suggestions.  Telephone 087-6838254”.






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