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SDCC Public Lighting Energy Efficiency Update

"The 2019 Energy Review identified street lighting as a significant user of energy for South Dublin County Council. Accounting for 44% of the Council's primary energy consumption, upgrading public lighting is key to the local authority achieving 2030 energy efficiency targets. Phase 1 of the 2014-2020 replacement programme has been completed. This saw 9,689 SOX (sodium based) lighting units replaced with more efficient LEDs. Phase 2 2020-2026 is currently underway."

Public lighting consists of over 30,000 lamps in charge. As of January 2022, 16,404 were upgraded to energy efficient LED's. This latest report below from Tuesday's Area Committee provides a further update.

There are issues with areas with trees or wires that require extension poles, pruning or other measures to improve lighting, but there are some areas where it is still proving difficult to light properly. I continue to raise...




Tuesday, October 25th, 2022

Headed Item 15


ESBN Supplemental Agreement

The ESBN Supplemental Agreement has been agreed and the SDCC Legal Representatives are liaising directly with the ESBN Legal Section on the correct procedure to Seal the Agreement. Once this is agreed between both Legal teams, the agreement will be presented to the County Manager for signing.

In the meantime, we have agreed 3 No. Estate to be upgraded to trial the co-ordinated works procedures between the SDCC Contractor Work Crews and the ESBN Network Technicians. There will be one estate upgraded in each ESBN Area, Dublin South, Dublin Central and Dublin Central. These Estates are Rathfarnham Wood, Rathfarnham, Redwood, Kilnamanagh and Ashwood, Clondalkin.

Significant progress has been made with the National Public Lighting Interface Officer in the ESBN in agreeing work processes and information transfer between SDCC and the ESBN. ESBN has agreed in principle to provide resources to advance the next stage of the SDCC LED Upgrade Works. ESBN Area Managers are identifying resources to assign to these project works.

However, we have not yet upgraded any LEDS under this Supplemental Agreement and this is a significant delay to our programme. We are continuing to push the ESBN to progress to full scale mobilisation as quickly as possible to minimise any further delays.

Maintenance of remaining SOX lanterns

15% of the 8304 lanterns in the LPNC area are SOX lanterns. This comes to 1263 SOX lanterns. As previously stated, manufacture of SOX lamps halted in 2018. SDCC bulk bought a 4-year supply of lamps to service maintenance needs. These lamps have supplied our maintenance needs to date but are now all in use.

We also have a programme of “harvesting” lamps and other equipment from the SOX lanterns decommissioned during our LED Upgrades. The delay in bringing the ESBN SA Programme to operational stage has impacted this “cannibalisation” of our stock. To supplement this, we have sourced an additional 500 SOX lamps on the market. This is sufficient to service our expected maintenance needs until the ESBN SA Programme is “live” and our “harvesting” programme will then continue to supply our SOX repairs.

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