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Traffic calming R136 at Clonburris

Non-Statutory consultation on the Section 38 Traffic Calming proposal for the R136 – required to open Kishoge Station - has now concluded

----Update 6th December 2023---

(See consultation link at bottom for indicative drawings until new report becomes available)

We had an initial briefing on the plans and it appears that a permanent parking bay is going to be made out of one lane either side to create 56 standard spaces and four Universal Access spaces.

This will include new road markings, traffic signals and boxes etc and the works should be completed to enable the train station to open in April 2024.

In response to concerns about traffic being slower on this link road as a result, SDCC management said that the Clonburris SDZ future housing on either side would effectively change this road into an internal distributor road rather than a link road. An engineer also suggested that because it comes to a pinch point at Griffeen Avenue Lucan in any event, making it single lane will lead to less sudden congestion. This may be the case, however, but congestion will still exist and I doubt the same effect applies heading southwards towards Tallaght.

From a positive perspective, having the orbital W4 use the Bus Lane on this route now gives a better option between Lucan, North Clondalkin and Tallaght and allows follow on options from the train station, aside from park and ride.

I'll post up the revised documents as they become available.

---- Update 22nd October---

Non-statutory consultation has commenced on these plans. You can view and make submission at this link:

----- Earlier Update 5th October gives good overview -----

A four week non-statutory consultation has begun on plans to slow down traffic and create parking spaces on both sides of the R136 "Outer Ring Road" passing through the Clonburris SDZ. This is primarily driven by the need to finish the renovation works at Kishoge train station to enable it to finally open (current schedule April 2024).

Outer Ring Road Traffic slowdown presentation
Download PDF • 1.19MB

If we had got our way this station would have been open for existing residents long ago, but instead people were fobbed off that this station is for the new housing in Clonburris and our motions to tie in the opening before housing provision were voted down by a number of political parties, including SF, SD and Labour and then upheld at the An Bord Pleanala hearing.

If you want to make a submission on the consultation go to the portal link at the start of this article.


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