Hello and welcome to my website! If you are a resident of Dublin Mid West (Brittas, Clondalkin, Lucan, Newcastle, Palmerstown, Rathcoole and Saggart) I hope you will find ample information here to help you make an informed choice in the upcoming election on Saturday February 8th. I’ve been an activist for over 30 years now, with a particular interest in planning issues, the environment and education. I’ve got an excellent track record to date but am driven to stay involved in politics because the decisions made at local and especially national level have a real impact on how we live our lives and the type of future our children can expect. I want to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem.

Lots of candidates will tell you during this election campaign about what their priorities are if elected to Dáil Éireann. However I’m sure you agree that track record is the best indicator of future performance. I have that track record as you will see elsewhere on these pages. I will again hit the ground running and be an effective voice for you. On polling day, please vote Paul Gogarty No. 1 vote (or if you’ve committed to someone else, your highest preference). And please consider giving your No.2 vote to my Independent Community Alliance colleague Francis Timmons. Thank you!


Paul has been active as a Councillor, Mayor and TD since 1999. This experience, combined with his track record at national and local level makes him a cohesive and effective voice for Dublin Mid West.

Track Record

Unlike other candidates, Paul has had a verified positive individual impact at national level : “Many in Leinster House genuinely resent the power that Gogarty has wielded” – Irish Times.

Paul was thanked by the teaching unions for his work on protecting Education, fought on behalf of survivors of institutional abuse and raised issues of fraud and corruption in Leinster House.

Green Credentials

As a former Green Party TD and now Independent, Paul has the longest and strongest record of any candidate on the environment fighting to tackle the climate crisis and promote a greener, healthier lifestyle, Paul has been raising environmental issues including climate change for years in the Dáil and Council. This has continued up until the present day: over the last five years on South Dublin County Council, Paul tabled more motions on climate, insulation, renewable energy, litter and other environmental issues at Council level than any other local elected representative, including those from the Green Party.

Want to help in my campaign?

I don’t take donations from business and will be running a fairly modest campaign. As an Independent I won’t have hundreds of party members swarming in to canvass on my behalf. I have a small but dedicated team of people, but I could definitely use some extra help as it will be slow going and I’m unlikely to be able to get to every door. If you would like to assist in my campaign by knocking on doors in advance for me or handing out flyers at shopping centres, please get in touch. All help gratefully appreciated.