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"Bus Correct" User Survey

Click link above to take this detailed survey which has been extended until April 2024. We have over 1,200 responses already but we still need more to send a clear message ... This is a rolling post and will be updated with more detail in the next while. Launched 24th November 2023. Updated 5th December and 11th January 2024, 23rd Feb 2024 and 21st March 2024.


From the communications I have been getting, the current and proposed rollout of the Bus Connect service is not of significant benefit to many areas. Even where route options have improved or are due to improve, people have complained about buses not turning up or passing by full, due to shortage of drivers and restrictions placed on bus companies to add in auxilliary services. That said, some people are happy with the new service, so there is a need to get balanced feedback.

As we all know from past experience, the NTA is not accountable to anyone, so in an effort to put pressure I am trying to gather meaningful data. If you or someone you know uses the bus for work or education, this totally anonymous survey takes approx 7 minutes to complete.

The survey is open to people of all ages as no personal data is collected.

Anyone seeing this on Facebook will probably be able to complete online but if you know anybody over 18 who wants to complete the survey but isn't that IT-literate, we can arrange to do it over the phone either.

Anyone under 18 will need to complete online. We especially need Young Adult Leap Card users to take the survey, as this group has had a lower response rate to date. Thanks for your time.


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