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Palmerstown Schools Active Travel

Updated: Jul 19

[July 14th, 2023; update to article posted July 1st]

SDCC has confirmed the latest timescale for the Active Travel School Zone at the Oval and surrounds in Palmerstown to access St Brigid's and St Lorcan's national schools.

The project is progressing to tender stage which should be complete within the next 6 – 8 weeks. On completion of tender assessment and necessary procedures construction is anticipated to commence in October/November 2023 at the latest.

The design is as below:


Last year, parents, children, teachers and other residents of Palmerstown were consulted in relation to an "active travel" project aimed at making it safer for students to attend St Brigid's GNS and St Lorcan's BNS from various directions.

Tender documents were finalised in May and sent for independent audit assessment. The tender process is now underway, slightly later than indicated in my earlier post.

Further to queries, the Council has added that "the planned operation of the School Street on Manor Park during school drop off/pick up will be undertaken by a member of the SDCC team. It will not affect the residents on this street to enter/leave or affect entry by an emergency vehicle during operational times".

Some parents have asked why there is no pedestrian crossing on the Culmore side of The Oval. This is because the whole area is designed as a slower traffic zone. If it doesn't work properly I will be highlighting the need for additional measures.

Full details about the project origination and consultation can be found at this link:

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