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SDCC Pavilions Programme

Updated: May 11

All the details including photos/maps/graphics in presentation and reports here:

Pavilions Programme Presentation
Download PDF • 458KB

Pavilion Programme Review Report
Download PDF • 1.97MB


For over a decade myself and other Councillors have been chasing up South Dublin County Council to provide suitable changing areas for established clubs. Progress on these "pavilions" has been slow and many areas were deemed unsuitable. To add to this there were cost and budgetary issues that delayed the rollout of those programmes that had already been agreed in principle.

The Council reviewed the situation decided to look at a model that would involve the installation of cheaper modular builds, which could be enhanced at a later stage and would also allow for more to be put in faster.

As the report shows, there are a significant number of these installations planned, with established clubs being given the responsibility for cleaning and maintaining in areas adjacent to pitches they have been using for some time.

However the Council also decided to make these available to other clubs and organisations outside main club times, to maximise usage. These will be bookable online as with other pitch allocations schemes throughout the County, including the new changing area in Airlie Park. When you have the time have a read through the attached reports. They give the full details.

NB - I took the opportunity during the meeting to reference the lack of pitch spaces for clubs like Na Gaeil Óga and the need for areas to train also, which is viewable on the Council webcast of this item, but this does not in itself have anything to do with the Pavilions rollout.


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