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Warehouse application on old Foxhunter site near Hermitage estate

Ref: SD22A/0382 - Construction of a) a metal clad single-storey warehouse, of 3072 sq.m, 13.58m high to parapet at front and part of the sides, and 10.4m high to eaves and 12.9m high to the ridge at part of sides and rear; b) a single storey 2.9m high ESB substation of 14sqm ; c) the widening of the existing vehicular/cycle entrance to The Fox hunter Public House , and the forming of a new vehicular/cycle exit to the north west corner of the site; d) the formation of pedestrian/cycle gate to Hermitage Gardens and pedestrian gate to Lucan Road, e) internal roads and pathways and all associated hard and soft landscaping, f) foul and surface drainage, including attenuation tanks; g) 18 carparking spaces and 16 bicycle spaces.

Dear all,

The deadline for submission on this application is close of business tomorrow 9th November.

My submission is attached here for your information.

Paul Gogarty Hermitage Park submission SD22A 0382
Download PDF • 2.01MB

Submissions can be made via SDCC's planning portal ( and €20 payment can be made over the phone via 01-4149000 (receipt ref issued).

This development on lands zoned for "retail warehousing" in an area that used to be part of the old Foxhunter car park is totally out of scale for the area, overshadows houses, has traffic issues associated, and also proposes to create an opening into a cul de sac in Hermitage estate.

Kind regards,

Paul Gogarty


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