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Dodsboro Road Junction

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

The frustrating markings causing the problem below are to be changed!

See measures proposed as discussed when during my motion at Area Committee today:

Many residents have got in touch about the new layout that was put in at this junction heading from the village up past the turn for Tesco and onwards towards Dodsboro Cottages/The Paddocks.

It's at this location:

So I put this down as a headed item on the agenda for the Area Committee for today Tuesday 28th as, despite the Council saying that the new markings were in line with best practice and triggered signalling for turning, they have clearly caused a lot of confusion. Cllr Casserly also raised this matter on the Traffic Management meeting agenda earlier today, as did Cllr O'Bradaigh.

I took several videos and photographs in preparation for this motion, having submitted an earlier query. These were ultimately not needed as the Council has come around to the view that this tricky junction needs to be amended.

They stated: "Our Traffic team has looked at this junction and agree that the current new right turn boxes are not working and are causing confusion.

"The Traffic Team are going to carry out a number of actions:

"1. Shorten the bull noses of the pedestrian islands to allow more vehicular turning room.

"2. Relocate the right turning boxes away from each other to allow clear movement sweep for each right turning lane.

"These actions will be carried out as a matter of urgency."

The Council also said that this junction had become more complicated and as a result more dangerous due to increased traffic following the ongoing development of the Adamstown SDZ. So it has agreed to the above measures and the engineer present indicated that it was considering a further additional action, namely to add a dedicated right turn lane heading downhill, as there is space to all a straight continuation towards the village. I have drawn this on the map, but obviously do not know yet the precise layout of the laneway to be proposed.

All in all a victory for common sense!


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