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Lucan Pool Update 10th July 2023

--- Further update Sept 2023, current estimated date remains 26th October -

The latest estimated completion date for the new pool and refurbished leisure centre is October of this year. The Council did say that it should be possible to open within a couple of weeks of that date because the appointed management company, Aura Leisure, is doing a lot of the preparatory work in advance.

I've also been pushing the Council to facilitate a meeting with Aura to go through the issue of spaces being provided for former users, including the Naíonra, as well as Esker Boxing Club. SDCC has farmed these operational issues out to the company but won't arrange a meeting for us until just before the pool opens.

The CE text is pasted below from today's meeting:

"Following detailed assessment by the County Architect and his team of the contractor work programme and associated dependencies, including supply chains, sub-contractor engagements and utilities, the current projected completion date for Lucan Swimming Pool is 26th October 2023. The delays are obviously far beyond what could reasonably have been envisaged at the outset of the project. While the well-documented significant and unprecedented challenges in construction in recent years due to various local and global factors outside of the control of the contractor and the Council account for considerable delays, project management and performance have also contributed to the timeframe.

"We have explored all options to see out the delivery of the facility as expeditously as possible and, with no reasonable or viable cost- or time-neutral alternatives available, there has been detailed engagement with the contractor to provide the updated programme showing the revised practical completion date at the end of October 2023, although this is still obviously dependent on timely connection of remaining utilities and no further supply chain or specialist/subcontractor delays. Enhanced project management measures have been put in place by our Architectural Services team and the project consultants to deal with issues arising and to mitigate any further delays. We are also working with Aura Leisure, who have been selected as the facility operator, to programme the necessary recruitment, fit out works and branding to facilitate prompt opening after the construction programme is over and we all look forward to this wonderful amenity finally being open and available to the people of Lucan and South Dublin County."


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